"Outdoor Design Group was the landscape architect and our landscape representative on a major reconstruction of existing landsaping and drainage... this $400,000 project has just been completed- on time and within budget"
- Neal Wiler, President, The Villas at Aspen Ridge HOA
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"We hired Outdoor Design Group to design renovations for our 203 unit apartment complex in Aurora. We are also discussing plans with them on our 307 unit property. ODG has been a valuable asset, and we plan to continue to use Outdoor Design Group as a consultant for the repositioning of our properties"
- Dan Wayne, Vice President, Argentx Management

"Outdoor Design Group worked extremely close with the Board and spent an abundant amount of time assessing the landscape and coming up with a plan to reduce water use. Their final assessment plan for the community was extremely detailed, organized, and far beyond my expectations."
- Kevin Lavene, Centennial Management

We Provide Renovation Solutions For

  • Homeowners Associations (HOA's)
  • Multi-Family and Apartments
  • Senior Housing and Assisted Living
  • Metro Districts
  • Corporate Facilities and Campuses
  • Office Buildings and Office Parks
  • Educational Facilities and Campuses
  • Churches and Religious Facilities
  • Recreation Centers and Community Centers
  • Medical Facilities
  • Hotel, Resort, and Hospitality Facilities

Ask us about our past experience and we will be happy to share project information and client references.

Outdoor Design Group is located in Arvada, Colorado. At this time we are available for site renovation projects throughout Colorado, the United States and internationally, with an emphasis on the Western US and the Front Range, including Denver, Aurora, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Site Renovation Case Study Showing Potential Water Savings (PDF)

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Site Renovation Planning & Design Services

Outdoor Design Group is the smart and easy choice when considering renovating an existing commercial or residential property- large or small. Since 2004, our experienced licensed professionals have worked with property owners and managers, HOA's, and businesses to carefully plan and design their renovations.

"Our simple and successful approach gives your management team
the flexibility to plan and prioritize renovations before hiring a
contractor or committing to a large construction contract."

We Specialize In

  • Renovating Landscapes to Save Water and Maintenance
  • Irrigation Water-Use Analysis, Water-Use Reduction Strategies & Rebates
  • Sign and Monument Design, Entryway Design and Landscaping
  • Parking Lot, Asphalt, and Concrete Assessment and Renovation Design
  • Drainage Repair and Damage Mitigation, Grading and Retaining Wall Design
  • Green Renovations, Water Conservation, and Reducing Maintenance
  • Helping Project Owners with Contractor Selection & Construction Observation
  • Excellent Communication, Responsiveness, and Attention to Detail

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Renovations are a Unique Challenge

You should only trust someone who is experienced in site renovations to work on your project. Outdoor Design Group's experienced team has perfected our approach to handle all of the unique challenges that renovation projects present. We know from experience what works and what doesn't.

Our Innovative Approach to Site Renovations

As professional landscape architects, we are experienced in working with clients to design beautiful, functional outdoor spaces, parking, drainage, and landscaping.

We have found that site renovations are often approached in a haphazard, wasteful way that does not give property owners the best value- or, landscaping and curb appeal have been treated as an afterthought in the renovation process. We feel the same level of careful planning, design, and customer service should go into a renovation project as in a new development.

Why work with our professional team to plan your renovation vs. working directly with a maintenance company or contractor?

  • Because we don't do installation, we can focus on working closely with you to create the perfect plan that meets your needs and budget- before you commit to a contractor.
  • Our small creative teams are affordable and easy to work with. We are professionals that will always return your calls, show up on time, and answer all of your questions. Customer service is what we do!
  • We charge a flat rate for our services- this means that we gain nothing from trying to talk you into designing something that is more elaborate than you want, or more convenient to install. Our only job is to design a plan that completely meets your budget and requirements.
  • As landscape architects we know how to present design ideas to the decision makers on your team and help you visualize what the renovations will look like. Items like landscaping, irrigation, and drainage are complex systems that are highly visible- careful planning and discussion should go into their design
  • When the design is completed, you have the ability to save money by competitively bidding the construction of our designed improvements. We can assist in soliciting and reviewing bids, and we can monitor the work of contractors on your behalf to make sure the project gets finished on time and within budget.

"In addition to increased property value and curb appeal, a well designed landscape renovation can reduce landscape water use and costs by up to 60%, and landscape maintenance costs by up to 40% - Give us a call and we'll show you how..."

Other Areas of Expertise

  • ADA Accessible Renovations (Americans with Disabilities Act)
  • Irrigation / Sprinklers - Smart Upgrades, ET Smart Controllers, Rain Sensors
  • Outdoor Lighting, Parking Lot Lighting, Landscape Lighting
  • Roof Drainage, Downspout Corrections, Foundation Drainage Problems
  • Moving Overhead Wires and Utilities Underground to Improve Aesthetics
  • Xeriscape, Native Plants, Sustainable Landscaping
  • Building Additions or Expansions
  • Courtyards, Water Features, Fencing, Trails, Sidewalks, and Break Areas
  • Project Approvals through Plan Submittals to Reviewing Agencies

Assembling and Coordinating Teams - When necessary, we have a reliable network of surveyors, engineers, architects, and other consultants that we can include on our team to address all of your renovation project's requirements.

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